JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the Brotherhood

Music Band

Sun. October 2, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Underground Arts

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

JEFF the Brotherhood
JEFF the Brotherhood
JEFF The Brotherhood is an art project started by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall in 2002 in a basement in Nashville, TN. Their work is influenced by many types of music including jazz, black metal, motorick rhythm and hard rock, as well as many artists and environments including the film work of Werner Herzog, the choreography of Kate Bush, and the rivers of Tennessee.

Over the last decade their art has taken them all over the world including Hawaii, New Zealand and Russia. They have given well over a thousand live performances and created countless art objects including zines, puppets, videos, and eleven full length albums.

JEFF The Brotherhood was started with one goal in mind, to do or create whatever they feel with no rules or boundaries. Their latest offering is an experimental rock album called "ZONE". It was recorded and co-produced by Collin Dupuis in a converted warehouse called Club Roar. Alicia Bognanno (Bully) makes a guest appearance on the album, she is the lead vocalist on the song "Roachin". The album took about two weeks, 4 racks of ribs, a few dozen chicken wings, 3 pork chops, some sausage, a brisket, and a whole lot of smoke wood to make. It is the third installment in a spiritual trilogy of albums including Heavy Days (2009) and We Are The Champions" (2011). It is available worldwide August 12 from Dine Alone records.

When not making art, Jake and Jamin spend most of their time backpacking, gardening, and riding bicycles in Nashville, TN.
Music Band
I'll tell you what Music Band isn't. Music Band is not a group of sour-faced millenial cry-babies wearing fedoras and Beatle boots, trudging through their live performances, looking like they can't wait to get off stage and hit their vape pens. Music Band is not a bunch of dirtnapping hee-hee boys who try so hard to act like they don't care about the holes in their clothes and their uninspired power chords that they become caricatures of ideas of a musical genre filtered through five decades of misunderstanding. Music Band is not some group of human Xeroxes squirted out by some corporate bigwig sucking on a fat stogie up in an ivory tower somewhere. Music Band is a group of three best friends, Harry Kagan (guitar), Lee Putney (drums) and Duncan Shea (bass), making honest-to-goodness rock and roll music in Nashville, TN. After pairing with local indie label Infinity Cat Recordings (JEFF the Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, etc.) to release their debut cassette "Can I Live" (2014), and 7" single, "I Was Like" (2014), they are now on the cusp of unleashing their first full-length LP, "Wake Up Laughing". Recorded at Bomb Shelter Studio with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Natural Child), "Wake Up Laughing" is the latest chapter in the Music Band annals, showcasing their knack for writing catchy, surprising, high-energy songs that make their influences as vast as they are difficult to pin down. Their songwriting echoes their constant quest for discovery and reinvention, while always remaining true to themselves. It is Music Band's profound respect for each other and for those who came before them as they toe the line between light and dark, which keeps them hurtling forward into the great delights of the unknown.

Music Band is currently the subject of a new book by acclaimed music historian, Tish Manuel, called "Music Band: True Music Band". Excerpt from the introduction below:
"Distant trumpet sounds pierce the quiet majesty of an autumnal morn in the hamlet of Nashville. A snare drum rolls and flares over a deep and thunderous boom of a bass drum. For it is Lee, son of Edwaird, dark sage of yon tammy skins. All the while, thine mountains tremble with a booming rejoicy, as a golden-headed passenger glazes over flora and fauna heartily, bearing winsome tones of the lowlands. Hark still, O dear villagers, it be Duncan, son of Timothe and keeper of delight. A beautiful and radiant banner of hope tears up a flagstaff as two screeching red hawks vie for the pole's stoic perch overhead. Nay, thine ears do deceive, for it is Harry, son of Howairde, whom picketh lute with the noble intent of elder bards thousands of years before him. A jubilee of creatures, characters, and animals alike rejoice. Hey, Nonny Nonny. The kingdom is good. For Music Band is nigh, if it please."

"Hand-played indie rock has hardly disappeared from SXSW... Music Band, from Nashville, roared through garage-rock songs that had wryly self-mocking lyrics."
-New York Times

"If you're going to be unfindable [on the Internet], you'd better be damn good. Which they are."

"Music Band nails the nifty trick of sounding loose as hell while playing extremely tight."
-Nashville Scene
Venue Information:
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19108