The English Beat

The English Beat

The Bullbuckers

Sun. March 5, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Underground Arts

$25.00 - $28.00

This event is 21 and over

The English Beat
The English Beat
The English Beat is a band with an energetic mix of musical styles and a sound like no other. The
band's unique sound has allowed it to endure for nearly three decades and appeal to fans, young and
old, all over the world.
When The English Beat (known simply as The Beat in their native England) rushed on to the music
scene in 1979, it was a time of massive social and political unrest and economic and musical upheaval.
This set the stage for a period of unbridled musical creativity, and thanks in large part to the Punk
movement and it's DIY approach to making music, artists like The Beat were able to speak out and
speak their mind on the news of the day, as in “Stand Down Margaret”, things that mattered to them
and the youth culture, as in “Get A Job”, and universal matters of the heart and soul, as in their
classic hits “I Confess” and “Save It For Later”.
The original band consisted of singer-songwriter Dave Wakeling on vocals and guitar, Andy Cox on
guitar, David Steele on bass, and Everett Morton on drums – later additions Ranking Roger (toasting)
and foundational First Wave Ska legend Saxa (saxophone) completed the outfit. The band crossed over
fluidly between soul, reggae, pop and punk, and from these disparate pieces they created an infectious
dance rhythm.
The Beat first came to prominence as founding members of the British Two Tone Ska movement, with
their classic first album “Just Can't Stop It” fitting squarely in that genre. Along with their
contemporaries The Specials, The Selecter, and Madness, the band became an overnight sensation and
one of the most popular and influential bands of that movement.
However, band leader Dave Wakeling never felt constrained by the movement. Dave has always
viewed ska as a springboard, not a straight jacket. Indeed, the band's sound continued to evolve over
their first three studio albums, through the General Public era (a band formed by Dave with Ranking
Roger, the toaster from The Beat), and has continued it's evolution with the forthcoming English Beat
album “Here We Go Love”, a PledgeMusic crowd-funded album set for release in 2016, the band's
first new album since 1982's “Special Beat Service”.
Consummate showman that he is, Dave Wakeling has continued to keep The Beat alive and strong.
Dave continues to tour the world as The English Beat with an amazing all-star ska backing band
playing all the hits of The Beat, General Public, and songs from his new album “Here We Go Love”.
You just can’t stop The English Beat!
The Bullbuckers
The Bullbuckers
Ska & Reggae for your Soul. This Wilmington based Ska band claims English Beat as one of their inspirations. The Bullbuckers are currently working on their second album after their debut effort saw three songs receive honors from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Uk Songwriting Contest, The Great American Songwriting Contest, & The Australian Songwriters Association. The band has received recognition from local media including best band and best live act from WSTW 93.7, winner of the Spark Magazine Summer Series and recent winner of the 2016 North Delaware Happening List.

They are thankful for the inspiration of the English Beat and honored to be supporting this legendary band.

"The Bullbuckers were exactly what people mean when they say that "the cream always rises to the top."
— Senseitional, Reviews Editor, I AM ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE

"Enough Zip to get an entire bar moving"

"This is a band NOT TO MISS live. Give it a go, but be sure to catch them on tour, we will."

"Those under the assumption that Reggae-inspired music has seen its apex, will find themselves quite wrong after a listen to The Bullbuckers. With a clear understanding of the genres they utilize, tight instrumentation and clever, approachable lyrical matter; they are carrying the torch for upbeat, fun, island-inspired music."
— Christopher West, SKOPE MAGAZINE

"the band honors the days when Jamaican Ska flowed out of tiny transistor radios from Montego Bay to Kingston. Ska music, with its chopped guitar chords, full organ notes and horn lines that act as harmony ruled Jamaica in the early '60's."

"Easily, one of the most terrific sounding bands out there in the music scene, Bullbuckers has crafted several popular genres of musical influences into a powerhouse..."
— Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA, JUNIORSCAVE

"THE BULLBUCKERS got a lot of musical know-how and some get-up-and-go… a new era of raw punch in contrast to the synthesized pop of these times"

"... absolutely blew me away and I heard similar comments from other ska fans at the show. They were tight as hell and had such great energy! I'm now adding them to my "instantly blown away" bands list"
-Michelle Ska, NYCSKA.COM

"Vocalist Kevin Tarzanin really has an incredible voice... they easily invite the listener to a band that feels like they are the only one listening. That aside, these songs fall into the party, let's go outside on the deck on a summer night feel."
— Melissa Kucirek, HOT INDIE NEWS

"I Think you guys are amazing, and you can quote me on that!"
— Tiana Lewis, Tour Coordinator/Assistant Director, JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST

"This band has been ripping up shows and gaining considerable respect on the east coast."

"If you have the opportunity to see The Bullbuckers play... definitely do it--you'll have a great time!"

"The Bullbuckers' Ska sound has propelled them to the top of the Delaware music scene."

"Top-notch musicianship is the hallmark of the Bullbuckers"

"A fusion of soul-searing and foot-stomping music - ska like you've never heard it (unless you were living in the Islands in the 60s), soul and a tinge of hip-hop. It's a Wilmington sound that has roots - and fans - round the globe."
— Joan Davis, THE EXAMINER

"This six-piece group with a horn section is like the ultimate party band. Whether they are playing reggae or another style"

"…infectiously happy. Do your soul a favor and try it on for size."

"The Bullbuckers' Ska sound has propelled them to the top of the Delaware music scene."
- Matt Amis, Out & About Magazine, Wilmington 2012
Venue Information:
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19108