TIHC Afterparty

In The Black Box: 1000KNIVES & THIS IS HARDCORE Present

TIHC Afterparty

Kill Your Idols, Violent Society, Miracle Drug

Sat. July 29, 2017

10:00 pm

Underground Arts


This event is all ages

Kill Your Idols
Kill Your Idols took its name from a Situated Chaos song of the same name. Situated Chaos was a Long Island hardcore band that existed in the late 1980s. Founding members Andy West and Gary Bennett chose the name because the lyrics of the song reflected how they felt about hardcore. Also, Andy and Gary were introduced to one another and asked about forming an old-school hardcore band by a mutual friend named Vinnie Segerra, who was the frontman of Situated Chaos. Segerra also ran a DIY ("Do it yourself") label called Mint-Tone Records, which released a 7" EP by Gary's first band Big Sniff, which was also melodic hardcore.
Violent Society
Violent Society is a punk rock band that formed in 1990. The band is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Known for playing a style of punk that appealed to a variety of audiences, including fans of pop punk, hardcore punk, and late-70s style U.K. punk. The band was formed in high school by two friends, Mike (Mick) and Pat (Pat Society). Bill (Dirty Rotten Bill) and Pat Kelly filled out the lineup in 1990/91. The band's original sound was a hybrid of '80s metal and '70s punk rock. As the '90s progressed, so did the band's style. The original metal influence was all but gone by late 1992. The band became known for its fast hardcore/punk songs and catchy choruses, which culminated in the seminal "Not Enjoyin' It" album, released in 1995. Dave (Huevos) replaced Bill shortly before recording the album. "Not Enjoyin' It" In 1996 "The Rise of Punk" album was released. The album was angry and dark, and the band seemed to have lost some of the catchy hooks for which it had become known. Years later the album gained more respect and remains a favorite of many VS fans. The year 1997 saw the release of "Times of Distraught" and in 1999, "Separation is Killing Us," the final album before breaking up. Violent Society has toured the United States and Europe numerous times and has a fanbase spread around the globe.
Miracle Drug
Miracle Drug
Right here. Right now. Louisville, KY's Miracle Drug prefer to live in the present, existing in the moment, channeling the experiences of the past through the energy and excitement of the future. It should come as no surprise that there is an odd familiarity in Miracle Drug's sound. The band is made up of current and former members of notable hardcore acts Mouthpiece, Supertouch, By The Grace of God, and C.R. The band's demo, recorded at Treehouse audio by Trip Barringer (White Reaper, Black God), is a 12 minute blast of blistering, metallic tinged hardcore that would be right at home blasting through the PA of any sweaty DIY venue in the country.
Venue Information:
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19108

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